Why I do what I do | Wichita Family Photographer

Getting Started

I started my photography journey more than 6 years ago (AH!! I can’t believe it’s been that long) because I desired an organic style of photos of my kids. I wanted to capture them, all of them, their smiles & tears. As a career oriented mom who had just left her job to stay home, I was craving a creative outlet. For many years I just photographed my kids, on walks, in the backyard, I even dressed up the dog for a super fun Christmas photo one year. But, I love looking at these photos of them around our home, wishing I could go back and squeeze their little chubby selves just one more time. I’m so thankful to have these precious gifts and I wanted to share that with others. I enjoy meeting new families and capturing them in a way that is real, romantic, and full of life.

Family Photography

This is why I love families! My desire all along has been to capture them, the way they are, and all the emotions. To give them a little token, a reminder of the preciousness of their life & family.



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