Engagement Session at Great Plains Nature Center | Wichita, KS Photographer

MARRIED FRIENDS! ➵ What is the best marriage advice you received? Leave me a message here ↡

The new year brings so many new couples planning there lives together, I thought it would be fun to share some of the best marriage advice you received with them.

➡️ Ours came on one of our wedding cards. A card that I happen to find many years later when my hubs & I were going through a rough patch (I’m sure God planned it that way ❤️) it said: “Best of luck to you & hang in there when it gets tough!” I found this card at such the perfect time & now it hangings in our bedroom as a reminder that marriage is not always easy, in fact it’s REALLY REALLY hard sometimes. Two imperfect people coming together as one. You are bound to disagree from time to time. But hang in there because on the other side of hard is a beautiful place you can never reach without walking through the wilderness.

Congratulations to all of you beautiful couples! I wish you many years of love, joy & laughter! AND HANG IN THERE WHEN THINGS GET TOUGH!

*Are you engaged or planning your wedding? I would love to hear from you! Message me here for more information on engagement & wedding packages ➵ alcphotography2012@gmail.com


This adorable couple celebrated the New Year with their engagement here in Wichita, KS!! After knowing each other since 6th grade they will be saying “I Do” later this year, so exciting!! I am so honored that they asked me to help celebrate their engagement. 




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